Kaisa Pruler



I am very proud to be the owner of Manscape and feel honoured to lead such an awesome team. I am originally from a little country called Estonia but I’m thrilled to now be able to call myself a New Zealand citizen.

I have worked in the hairdressing industry for 10 years and I absolutely love it. It is because of this experience that I believe the whole concept of Manscape to be as exciting as it is unique.

As a hairdresser I treat each customer as an individual and aim to provide the best service  for them. Seeing my clients leaving Manscape feeling happy, relaxed and satisfied is the driving force that makes me love my job so much.

I am very passionate about my work, but also about helping others.

Apart from wanting to be successful in our business, I want to help people less fortunate than ourselves along the way.

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I am very privileged to be part of this awesome team we have here at Manscape.

Our business would not be where it is today without the passion and personality of my beautiful partner and our crew.

Kaisa’s passion and attention to detail, are what make the salon what it is. Her dedication keeps the team focused and customers can see for themselves what a great vibe we have in here.When you have been and experienced this for yourself you will see what I mean.

After being a tradie all my life I have recently quit my own business, to help Manscape grow further.

I am very passionate about our business. My aim is to get more people to experience our outstanding customer service leaving you feel your very best when you leave.

This for us is reward in itself.

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Operations Manager / Professional Hairstylist

I am glad to be part of such an amazing team of people.

I am originally from England, but have been living in Melbourne for last 4 years where I have been hairdressing and doing beauty therapy.

I really enjoy men’s cutting and grooming, and I am able to be involved in both aspects at Manscape. With such a great, relaxed atmosphere I think Manscape is a perfect for me.

I love traveling, the bar and café culture as well as watching sport, and I am also bit of a movie addict.

I love meeting a new people and having a laugh! Can’t wait to meet you all 😉

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Professional Hairstylist / Barber

Hi, my name is Haruka. I am from Yokohama, Japan. I have 7 years experience in the hair/barber industry. I left Japan in 2015 and spent 2 years working in Australia. I then travelled through the USA, Asia and Europe until I decided to settle down in New Zealand. I love to do hot yoga, travel and drink the occasional beer! The best part about working at Manscape is that I get to give hot towels and head massages with all haircut services which I enjoy very much.

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Amanda, barber at Manscape


Professional Hairstylist
Hi I’m Amanda, from Brazil. I have been in New Zealand since February of 2017. Since I arrived in Auckland I fell in love with this beautiful country. I love my job, especially the male industry. I have international qualifications and experience as a hairstylist in Brazil & Japan.
I am now really happy to be part of the Manscape team.
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Professional Barber

Hey, my name is Eduardo but everyone calls me Eddie!

I have been a barber for around 4 years in Brazil and I really love the barbering atmosphere. It reminds me of old times.

I arrived in New Zealand in May 2019. Since then I fell in love with this place and realised that my home is here now.

I love everything about football and video games, but travelling around is my favourite thing. It is a new passion in my life.

I am really excited to join Manscape and be part of this amazing team.

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Eddie, barber at Manscape


Professional Grooming Specialist

Hey, my name is Theda and I have recently returned to our shores this year.

I have fallen in love with the south island countryside, lifestyle, fashion, and sense of humor.

I am stoked to be part of the Manscape team. I love the friendly environment and this year will make a decade in the grooming industry.

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